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Invest in consumer loans and earn great returns online!

Lendermarket is a P2P crowdfunding marketplace for investors to invest in Buyback Guaranteed consumer loans issued in Europe.

How it works

Consumer loans are issued

Leading consumer finance companies issue loans to their clients in Europe.

Issued loans are listed on lendermarket

Once already issued, the consumer loans are then listed on Lendermarket platform.

You invest into loans listed on lendermarket

As a client of Lendermarket, You invest in the listed consumer loans and earn profit.

List of Buyback Guaranteed loans

CountryLoan IDIssue dateStatusLoan amountAvailable for investmentCurrent termInterest rate 
ES-278252319128.10.2020Current600.00 €570.00 €30/3014.00%Invest
PL-249754118828.10.2020Current274.44 €215.72 €30/3014.00%Invest
PL-127701691728.10.2020Current228.70 €122.27 €30/3014.00%Invest
PL-418468839928.10.2020Current228.70 €157.27 €30/3014.00%Invest
PL-320089763728.10.2020Current571.75 €508.16 €30/3014.00%Invest
PL-982846052928.10.2020Current1 143.50 €1 026.33 €30/3014.00%Invest
PL-427952843328.10.2020Current343.05 €290.90 €30/3014.00%Invest
ES-142227399828.10.2020Current500.00 €475.00 €30/3014.00%Invest
ES-116463569528.10.2020Current150.00 €17.50 €30/3014.00%Invest
ES-671830927028.10.2020Current400.00 €255.00 €30/3014.00%Invest
PL-398639804628.10.2020Current228.70 €147.27 €30/3014.00%Invest

Why Lendermarket?

Mitigated risks

There is no need for you to take unnecessary risks - the Loan Originator will buy back the loans that are more than 60 days overdue from their original due date (Buyback Guarantee).

Flexible solutions

Whether you like to manually compile your investments or trust our Auto Invest function to invest in loans, we have a solution for you.

Diverse selection of loans

Our loan portfolio consists of consumer loans varying in amount, payment period, and country it was issued in.

No Administration Fees

Lendermarket has absolutely no administration fees for the investors.

Bank-Grade security

Lendermarket uses bank-grade security in all its systems, all the time.

Intuitive User Interface

Whether you are using Lendermarket on your desktop or your smart device - either way you can manage your portfolios and investments just as effortlessly and comfortably.

About Us

Lendermarket is a cross-border P2P investing marketplace for European consumer loans. We offer you fair return on investment, mitigated risk management in a form of Buyback Guarantee, in-depth analytics and advanced Auto Invest solutions to manage your assets in a contemporary way.

Whether you are using Lendermarket on your desktop, tablet or smartphone, all necessary operations can be done just as comfortably.