We offer a secure
investing platform for
you to grow your money.

Join Lendermarket and invest safely in Buyback Guaranteed consumer loans.

Where does my money go when investing in Lendermarket?

To fund already issued loans by professional lending companies.


What happens when loan repayments are overdue?

You still continue to earn interest and the Buyback Guarantee protects your investments.

Why Lendermarket?

Group level Buyback Guarantee protects your investment

Your investments are secured with Buyback Guarantees by the lending companies. Additional protection is provided by the parent company of the lending companies, as a Group Buyback Guarantee. Learn more.


You invest in lending companies with a strong track record

Loans are listed by Creditstar Group’s companies. One of the leading digital consumer finance companies in Europe, Creditstar Group, is valued by its investors for stable portfolio quality and profitability, strong balance sheet and operational efficiency.


Our sign-up process is quick

Both private individuals and companies can become investors on the platform. The online sign-up process is convenient and typically takes less than 10 minutes.



Put your
money to work

Annual investment returns delivered since May 2019. Higher than traditional asset classes. You continue to earn interests while the invested loan is overdue.

How it works

Consumer loans
are issued

Leading consumer finance companies issue loans to their clients in Europe.

Issued loans are listed on lendermarket

Once issued, the consumer loans are listed on Lendermarket platform.

You invest in loans listed on lendermarket

As a client of Lendermarket, you invest in the listed consumer loans and earn profit.

List of Buyback Guaranteed loans

All loans are secured with a Group Buyback Guarantee, meaning the lending company will buy back loans that are more than 60 days overdue. In case any lending company would become insolvent, the buyback is guaranteed by its parent company, ensuring additional protection for the investors.

CountryNo.IssuedStatusAmount, Available, TermInterest rate 
DK-337889150226.01.2022Current1 600.00 €1 510.00 €720/72012.00%Invest
ES-416419531726.01.2022Current617.00 €586.15 €720/72014.00%Invest
DK-496511126526.01.2022Current3 999.99 €3 779.99 €720/72012.00%Invest
ES-352279351026.01.2022Current400.00 €380.00 €360/36014.00%Invest
ES-287752786226.01.2022Current500.00 €44.00 €60/6014.00%Invest
ES-150846297826.01.2022Current200.00 €160.00 €60/6014.00%Invest
ES-283268495826.01.2022Current300.00 €185.00 €30/3014.00%Invest
CZ-305701074426.01.2022Current305.60 €240.32 €30/3012.00%Invest
ES-113913777426.01.2022Current800.00 €760.00 €510/51014.00%Invest
ES-163819814426.01.2022Current680.00 €646.00 €720/72014.00%Invest
ES-222178471526.01.2022Current617.00 €586.15 €720/72014.00%Invest

What we offer

Great customer support

As highlighted and recognised by our investors, you can expect friendly customer support that answers your questions quickly and provides timely solutions.

Tools to manage your investments

Use Auto Invest to do the work for you and automate your investments or hand-pick loans and start from as little as €10.

Diverse selection of loans

Our loan portfolio consists of consumer loans varying in amount, payment period, and the country issued.

No administration fees

Lendermarket has no administration fees.

Bank-grade security

Lendermarket uses bank-grade security in all its systems, all the time.

Intuitive user interface

Whether you are using Lendermarket on your desktop or your smart device – you can manage your portfolios and investments just as effortlessly.

About Us

Lendermarket provides a platform to invest in loans issued by Creditstar Group across multiple European markets. Since launching in May 2019, more than 3,700 investors from 50 countries with a total account value of over €27m.

We offer you fair return on investment, mitigated risk management in the form of Group Buyback Guarantee, in-depth analytics, and advanced Auto Invest solutions to manage your assets in a contemporary way.

Whether you are using Lendermarket on your desktop, tablet or smartphone, all necessary operations can be done just as easily.